Supervision at Sigma Solutions


For therapists needing supervision it begins with the counselor conducting co-therapy with the supervisor.  This process will transition to the counselor conducting therapy by themselves and providing either an audio or video tape of the session to the supervisor for supervision.  This method provides the best opportunity to observe the counselor’s skills and relationship with the client. The supervisor may also accept any of the following methods of supervision: co-counseling, audio-video recordings of counselor sessions, or verbatim transcripts.  All supervision will be done in-person; telephonic supervision will only be conducted in emergency situations.  Didactic presentations may be made to enhance the development of the counselor and may include readings or research.  However, most supervision time will be spent in case review and the development of the counselor.


The counselor will be prepared for case presentations and supervision sessions.  Some supervision will be one on one but group supervision is also possible.


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Expectations in Supervision


The supervisor is committed to providing an atmosphere of trust, collegiality, and encouragement for the counselor’s professional growth. The supervisor will provide honest feedback that will indicate growth areas for the counselor and ensure adequate time is provided to make appropriate improvements. The supervisor will indicate the counseling model to be used during each phase of the training program and will provide training in the model. The supervisor will challenge the counselor to consider other models and expand conceptual thinking.


Individual Supervision and

Group Supervision