Success requires planning, it requires resources and it requires skills. However, having the right tools and knowing how best to use them is often what is missing from people's lives. With Sigma Solutions, PLLC at your side, you'll not only see how the tools are at your fingertips but see just how easy it can be to make them work for you.


With the demands of modern life, finding a balance can be tough. But finding that balance is what enables us to make good on plans, reach professional goals, and enjoy relationships. By partnering with a therapist you'll discover a world of opportunity and personal growth.


It's always easier to get things done when all parts of the social system are involved in the process.  Healthy relationships make everyone more capable of enjoying life and being productive in reaching life goals.  Couples and family therapy offers opportunities to build skills and learn how to effectively work together.


Traumas block our ability to enjoy life.  Treating traumas through engaging therapy helps to empower you to overcome the oppressive nature of those memories and you can connect with others again as well as getting back on track to make everyday better. Together we can end the suffering and you can enjoy life again.